About Me

Ever since I was in high school, I've been enamored with psychology. I have always wanted to understand the underpinnings of what makes people tick. This curiosity led to me studying personality profiles, specifically the MBTI.

I was dumbfounded by the accuracy of my type’s description (INTJ), so much so that I became enthralled with understanding myself and others as deeply as I could. I quickly began discovering patterns that others didn't seem to notice. I realized that I had a gift. Even with my increased perceptions and my ability to apply what I had learned, I still felt incomplete and unfulfilled.


After my first year in college, I was unconsciously yearning for some deeper truth that I couldn't pinpoint. I serendipitously picked up a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. In it, Hawkins describes the scale of human consciousness and how there are higher levels of perception than reason and logic, which is where I found myself at the time. This opened up a whole new world of perception in me that dramatically changed the trajectory of my life. 

I learned that life was governed by something larger than myself and that the only way for me to achieve true happiness was to surrender my personal will. From there, I began my spiritual journey. Around the same time I discovered Hawkins’ work, a spiritual mentor of mine introduced me to Carlos Castaneda’s writings about his apprenticeship with his teacher, Don Juan. This is where I found the third paradigm for my teachings, Fear-Clarity-Power. Don Juan describes how we encounter natural enemies along our spiritual journey. These are the primary barriers to our consciousness’ growth once we begin the spiritual path.


First, we deal with Fear; this barrier is extremely painful in that it usually encompasses intense and sometimes even traumatic experiences that we must endure and face head on. Eventually we work through Fear and achieve Clarity. 


In clarity, we feel more comfortable and confident working on ourselves and are able to look at our problems with greater honesty and compassion. However, accompanying Clarity is mostly the experience of confusion. We see into things, but not into our soul’s intentions. Clarity often is more intellectual and abstract; it’s insight without action. Eventually if we're able to let go of this Clarity, we move into Power. 


Power is the level of creation and action. It’s here where we live with purpose and consciously create our lives based on what matters the most to us. This is where we begin to let go of all of our safety nets and live only from our soul’s guidance. Ultimately, this is when we begin to live out our soul’s work. Paradoxically, power must also be eventually surrendered to reach a state of completion and peace, classically termed enlightenment. From my perspective, this feeling of wholeness is the primary goal for any spiritual aspirant. 

My intention as a spiritual teacher is to guide genuine seekers of truth through this Fear-Clarity-Power paradigm in order to achieve deeper levels of oneness.