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Coaching Packages

Single Session

4 Session Bundle

12 Session Bundle

This package is designed for someone who’s interested in a longer-term commitment to life coaching without too much of an obligation. I recommend this for people who are new to my life coaching.




$70/per=$280 total

This package is ideal for someone fully committed to the spiritual path while also being comfortable with my teaching style. I recommend this package for clients who have worked with me for at least a month. A long-term, focused and purposeful relationship with my life coaching will bring about the greatest transformation.


$60/per=$720 total

This 60 minute single session is designed to help you with any quick fixes in your life. If you feel particularly stuck with something and are not necessarily interested in a long-term commitment, this option is perfect for you. This does not include the initial 45-60 minute introductory session, which is free once we first connect.



Below I offer several life coaching packages from which to choose. At the end of our introductory session, if you feel you want to have additional sessions, we can discuss which package is right for you.

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