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Levels of Awareness

In my opinion, knowing your level of awareness is crucial self-discovery. It reflects your personal power within yourself, and you can measure it using kinesiology testing. Each person vibrates at a specific frequency, which indicates their alignment with their soul. Dr. David Hawkins developed a scale of consciousness that ranges from 1-1000, and your level on this scale represents how aligned you are with your soul.

Levels: 1 – 199


Dr. David Hawkins developed a scale of consciousness that measures positivity and negativity levels. Below 200 is negative, where we feel powerless and exhibit destructive behaviors. Violence and negativity are common below 160. Growth is difficult due to lack of self-love and projection of negative beliefs onto others. Level 200 is courage and everyone will eventually reach it. Humanity calibrates at 207, a positive level.



Levels: 200-399

Levels above 200 represent genuineness and positivity, where we take responsibility for ourselves and choose benign behaviors in service of others. We start to view life positively and as a blessing, but may not yet feel fully in control. At level 400, reason and true self-confidence begin to emerge.


Levels: 400-499


t levels above 400, we start feeling good about ourselves and our egos become more apparent. This is the level of reason, where truth-seeking is important and academia, science, successful business people, and politicians often calibrate. Thinkers like Newton, Freud, Einstein, Plato, and Aristotle all calibrated in the 490s.

However, desires at these levels can be influenced by vanity and self-gain, and the ego is at its peak. Happiness is viewed as something to obtain outside of ourselves. While these levels are purposeful and logical, they also come with limitations. No matter how successful one becomes, there will always be a feeling of incompleteness until we surrender and transcend reason.

Levels: 500-539


This level marks the beginning of the spiritual journey, where God becomes a personal experience rather than just an idea. It requires surrendering to a greater power and is known as the level of Love. Success is no longer the primary goal, as living a good life with positive intentions takes priority.


Only a small percentage of the population calibrates at this level, but those who do experience a deep connection with their divine self and a sense of true happiness. However, this level is also associated with fear, as the ego puts up a barrier to protect itself from self-examination. It can be a challenging period, but through surrender and perseverance, one can gain self-confidence and move towards unconditional love.

Levels: 570-599


This level is all about personal power, where we start to recognize our life's purpose and live it out. We become more intentional and understand how our actions impact our reality. Our personal power becomes so strong that we can manifest our dreams and break free from societal constraints. This is the level of Power. However, as we move higher, we realize that even power must be surrendered at some point.

Levels 600-1000


These are the levels of Enlightenment. This is the ultimate goal for most spiritual aspirants. At these levels, the ego is transcended and one lives uninterruptedly connected to the source. It’s true surrender and represents the levels of some of the greatest human beings to ever live including Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ghandi, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mother Teresa and many others.

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