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Life After Awakening

In order to awaken to your true self, you must defeat the three natural enemies to perception: Fear-Clarity-Power. This culminates into a surrendering of your life as the ego to the Universe/God. Ultimately, what one surrenders is really just the control we imagine we have over our lives. None of us really has any control over life, but we do have a sense that we are in control. This ‘sense’ is what causes our suffering because it attaches with it guilt and shame for things that we think we are doing wrong as well as pride and vanity for things that we think we’re doing right. In actuality, everything affects everything and there is no separate doer of anything. We’re not in control over our conditioning or our circumstances. What I wanted to discuss in this post is what happens after you’ve transcended that false sense of self and moved into your true being. This begins at the level of 600.

At the moment of transcendence, you experience a totality of being. For the first time, you feel whole with no need to add to yourself. This is also when the spiritual seeker ceases to be anymore and what remains is a peace that transcends your physical experience. You feel unconditionally satisfied; because once you know your true self, there’s nothing more to ‘do’. This does not necessarily mean there is no more growth or expansion beyond this point, however it does mean that you will experience life in much different way, devoid of a personal will.

Now the question is, what next? This is paradoxical because there is now nothing more to do, yet you’re still inhabiting a physical body so you will inevitably be doing something. Additionally, you still have a conditioned mind that reacts to life in a very similar way it did before your enlightenment experience. Of course there really is no answer to what you need to do on the physical plane. You’ll probably do what you were doing before. But you will know that your life is no longer yours and that the universe will use you in whatever way it needs. That is the one part that is consistent for any enlightened being.

After hitting 600 and coming down from the honeymoon of a new and expanded sense of self, I felt extreme disorientation. My sense of direction in life was completely upended because I didn’t have any specific purpose or a need for one. I felt as if I was just moving with the flow of life, which felt like a kind of autopilot.The challenging part here is that you no longer feel any ability to change it, because now you don’t even have the false sense that you can alter your circumstances. However, this is a different experience than what one goes through in Power (570-599). In Power, you’re battling powerlessness or the feeling that you cannot change anything; however, there is still a you that wants to change your life.

At 600 and above, you deal with some of the same issues although now it is with a sense of detached awareness and without a separate ‘you’ to fight what is occurring. You realize that what is happening is happening to the body/mind and not happening to you. Thus even when 'problems' do arise, you allow the consciousness that brought them about to take care of them.

The disorientation you feel after your initial enlightenment does not last forever. It’s really just about learning to live in a different way. The irony is that you will still be inundated with others’ projections of what they think you should be doing and how to best live your life. However, as any true spiritual seeker knows, you cannot give in to what others think is best for you and you must always search within. The illusion of physical existence ensnares everybody without exception. If you want true awakening, you must persevere and move towards the truth no matter what. Continuously reasserting your will and focusing on your true nature is the quickest way to enlightenment. Truth has to mean more to you than life itself. And even then, you have to accept that whether enlightenment occurs is still out of your hands. My purpose and intention is to help sincere seekers transcend the levels of consciousness and move into their true selves permanently. After all, this is the only real reason any of us is here.


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