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My Life Coaching and the Ideal Client

What do I do as a life coach?

Simply put, I help people become stronger and more centered. I love working on problems with clients and assist them in releasing their personal baggage. As a result, my clients feel happier and lighter after our sessions. From my perspective, personal growth is the strongest factor in happiness. If you're not growing, you're not going to feel happy.

Why is that?

It is because no matter what is happening in your life, if you do not feel your sense of self expanding you are going to feel stuck. Most people in our society do not prioritize growth and are stuck in their lives. They stay in their comfort zones and out of fear, never go after what they want. When you are able to face your fears, nothing will be able to stop you because you will not give away your power to your situation.

A healthy life is one that stretches you beyond your comfort zone on a regular basis based on what you are able to handle. Pushing yourself in this way will increase your internal strength and make your life more exciting and joyous. The more you can stretch yourself, the happier you will feel, It's that simple.

My coaching will enable you to transform your life inwards in ways you wouldn't have imagined. I use my gifts of insight and compassion to align you with your true purpose and reason for being here. I gently guide you into identifying what things you need to release and what situations you made need to face in your life in order to expand and increase your self confidence.


Clients that succeed the most with coaching do these two things well:

1) They are open

When you are closed off and resistant, you don't allow for new information to come through. You can only grow through trust and openness. Generally speaking, most people who are seeking coaching already feel somewhat defeated and humbled by life. This is healthy! It's only the ego that feels weak; your true self lies right behind it. That's where internal strength comes from. You must work through the ego's defenses to come out stronger and more confident on the other side.

2) They want to grow

Whether you consciously know what growth is or not, the yearning and desire for internal expansion is within all of us. It is the source of our existence as spiritual beings. My job as a life coach is to move you through your ego's baggage and help you feel healthier and lighter as a person. Most of us hold onto baggage that's unnecessary. I see you as being perfect as you are with no need to improve. My task is to help you see that for yourself and make your love for yourself more unconditional. Overall, the strongest factor in a client's success is truly wanting to grow. If your desire is strong, it will push you outside of your comfort zone and into new levels of self awareness.

Bottom line?

I can do wonders with people who are open and want to grow. Transformation becomes effortless as I guide you through whatever problems have arisen within your life and help you become stronger and more independent as a person. Life will flow more naturally and easily as you align more with your true spiritual self.


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