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Understanding the Levels of Awareness

Understanding your level of awareness is undoubtedly the most important piece of information you can discover about yourself, in my opinion. Your awareness level reflects how much personal power you have within your being. Amazingly, you can actually measure your level using kinesiology testing. Every person calibrates at a certain frequency. To the degree that you are aligned with your soul is represented by your level. Dr. David Hawkins discovered this scale of consciousness, which ranges from 1-1000.


Levels: 1 – 199

Below level 200 is negative. At these levels, we feel negatively impacted by life. We feel as though we are victims to our circumstances and choose predominantly destructive behaviors. Most violence and negative actions occur by those calibrating at these levels, specifically 160 and below. Growth here can also be very difficult simply because there’s not a lot of self-love. We project our subconscious negative beliefs about ourselves toward others. The less negatively you view yourself, the less you project. However, eventually everyone will overcome the negative levels and hit level 200, which is the level of courage. Whether it’s in this lifetime or not depends on the individual. Most of the world’s population calibrates between 180 and 230. According to Hawkins, humanity itself calibrates at 207, which is positive.


Levels: 200-399

These levels represent the beginnings of genuineness and positivity. Here we begin to take more and more responsibility for ourselves and start choosing benign behaviors in service of others. Being a good person becomes increasingly important. Additionally, we start to look at life positively and as a blessing. However, these levels still are somewhat unstable in that there is not enough personal power to feel necessarily in control in you life. 400 is the onset of reason; I also believe this is where true self confidence becomes a legitimate part of one’s mindset.


Levels: 400-499

Here is where we start feeling really good about ourselves. Our egos become more and more apparent. However, there is an honest and legitimate interest in truth. This is regarded as the level of Reason. Academia and Science calibrate at these levels. Many successful business people and politicians also calibrate here. Many of the greatest thinkers such as Newton, Freud, Einstein, Plato, and Aristotle all calibrated in the 490’s. This is an interesting level in that it’s very active and purposeful. However, many of the desires found here are influenced by vanity and self-gain because the ego is at its peak, specifically in the high 400’s. The ego is the part of us that feels separate from the whole. Everything done at these levels must be logical and reasonable. Most of the population rarely transcends reason, simply because it’s very hard to let go of the known for the unknown. Happiness is viewed as something that is outside of ourselves and something to be obtained. The limitations here are that no matter how successful and famous one might become, there will always be a feeling of incompleteness, because happiness will never be found within the world. Once this is truly believed, surrender takes place and one is able to transcend Reason.


Levels: 500-539

This where the spiritual path begins. God moves from being an intellectual and conceptual understanding to a subjective experience. To reach this level, you have to surrender to something greater than yourself. This is also called the level of Love. It’s where living a good life with good intentions becomes more important than being successful. It’s also the beginnings of true happiness, where one begins to feel its connection with its divine Self. Only around 4% of the population calibrates at this level, according to Hawkins. Happiness becomes stronger and stronger as you move closer to 540. However, as I’ll discuss in a future post, this is also the level of Fear. Under 500, there is a certain barrier our ego’s put up to protect us from looking at ourselves. This is removed at 500. We start looking at all the negative perceptions we have toward ourselves and we start to feel very fearful. Our lives generally begin to fall apart here as well. From my own experience, this may have been the most challenging part of my life. Nothing really makes sense and everything is frightening. However, through surrender and perseverance, we begin to gain a stronghold and our self-confidence begins to return. To hit the next threshold of unconditional love at 540, we need to become unconditional toward ourselves and learn to love without the need for a reason or a payoff.


Levels: 540-569

This is the level of Unconditional Love and Clarity. Here is where life truly starts to become happy. Only around .4% of the population hits this level of awareness, according to Hawkins. This is where true self-honesty appears. Clarity replaces Fear and everything is seen into. We see clearly into ourselves and are open and honest about our weaknesses. Compassion becomes more and more prominent as our personal power increases. The main challenge at this level is letting go of Clarity itself. Paradoxically, clarity brings mostly confusion into our lives. We feel lost, impatient, and indecisive. Through surrender, we eventually reach a point where we transcend the need to use our clarity and begin to focus on intent.


Levels: 570-599

This is the level of Power. In place of clarity, our life’s purpose begins to surface and we begin to live out our soul’s highest purpose. Here we start to see the connection between intention and result. Life begins to bend to our wishes. Our personal power has reached a point where we can alter the fabric of reality consciously and live out our dreams, simply because we want to. Our slave consciousness and sense of being tied down to societal restraints diminish. Eventually, however, power must also be surrendered.


Levels 600-1000

These are the levels of Enlightenment. This is the ultimate goal for most spiritual aspirants. At these levels, the ego is transcended and one lives uninterruptedly connected to the source. It’s true surrender and represents the levels of some of the greatest human beings to ever live including Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Ghandi, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mother Teresa and many others.

Understanding where you fit along the scale will give you perspective on your personal journey. For me, it was one of the most important discoveries of my lifetime. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to contact me if you want an idea of where you calibrate.


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