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Keith is SO easy to talk to!!! He leverages the wisdom he has gained from his own life experiences as well as his studies to offer sage advice. In our session, Keith confronted me with several of the questions that I have been actively avoiding recently, and he did so in such a safe and comfortable manner that I was blown away by the progress I achieved with Keith's guidance. I highly recommend everyone to schedule a session with Keith!!


-Lindsey, Albuquerque, NM

I am very excited about the progress that I have made as a result of Keith's guidance and knowledge. Upon my first conversation with him, he listened to my (then) present state and he immediately identified areas for improvement and steps that I could take in order to further my personal development. Even after the first session, I felt happier and more confident, and I continue to learn more about perspective and awareness with each conversation that we have.


-Christina, New York City, NY

Throughout my time speaking with Keith in the last few years, I've come to find more strength within myself.  He has the ability to be synchronized with others.  He's not just coaching another's life, he's in tune with it too. "Follow your soul" always stuck with me, among other phrases.  He genuinely wants the best for others like a guiding light.  There is no better way to start working on your life than to be aware of what you're doing through another's eyes.  Definitely find it in you to contact Keith if you're looking for this in your life.


-Kara, Los Angeles, CA

Keith will startle and amaze you with his insight. He has an incisive mind that is capable of cutting through all of the entanglements that can cloud judgment. That talent alone is difficult to find. One of the best parts about Keith's counseling is its simplicity; he uses lofty spiritual and psychological concepts in a way that is digestible and applicable to his client's life, personalized and put into context for the individual. However, the best part of all about Keith's counseling is that you will get a genuine sense that you are being listened to by a kind person with good intentions. In my experience, this trait is rare, and makes all the difference in helping you grow as a person through the counseling. Open your mind and heart and talk to Keith, you will not be disappointed with the clarity you experience every time!


-Joung, Washington, DC

Working with Keith was a great experience. He helped me identify my weaknesses, insecurities and strengths. Becoming more in-tune to who I am has established a foundation for me to grow as both an individual and as a professional. I highly recommend him.


-Megan, Mentor, OH

Keith has an uncanny ability to delve into a situation and to pinpoint its source. He provides insight in such a way that synthesizes and reflects back one's own thoughts and ideas, without any bias, providing a new perspective and allowing one to look at a situation differently. His positivity is reassuring and empowering, which allows one to find strength and hope. Keith does not criticize, give advice, or turn you away from yourself; instead, he turns you unto yourself, and simply lets you to embrace and carry on.


-Inal, Columbus, OH

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